I´m a dancer.

    • Exploring the communication with the others and the energetic/emotional connection in a non verbal way.

    • Developing my own works and collaborations together with other artists.

    • Enjoying as a teacher and shareing what I have learned through my experiences and background.

I´m a dancer curious about the amazing connection in between mind and body, how they affect to each other in both directions. I guess this interest it came in my DNA through my parents, both psychologist.

I live through my body, and the body is my main tool to start to imagine, to start to create.

Since I was a kid I felt always attracted by the human body and the way it moves. The way it makes visible our own vital energy and emotions.

This interest drove me to study:

    • Bachelor in Sciences of Sports and Physical Activities. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

    • Diploma in Therapeutic and Sports Massage

    • Finally at the age of 23 I started to study contemporary dance at RCPD Mariemma, Madrid. Finishing in 2006.

Since 2006 I´m developing my carrer as a dance performer and teacher having work with several companies and choreographers as a freelance artist.

Nowadays I´m working together with Cocoondance Company (Bonn) and Daniel Abreu Company (Madrid) as well as developing personal projects internationally prized and toured

    • “Entomo” ÁlvaroEsteban&ElíasAguirre collaboration

    • “Cualquier mañana” LauraAris&Álvaro Esteban collaboration